Last week was absolute insanity. There will never be another like that. Last Sunday night and this Sunday night were polar opposite.

I feel so lucky that I met such a wonderful, awesome guy.
He makes what pain and anger I felt meaningless. He understands my humour and has such beautiful intelligent eyes. 
What broken heart? Why would I ever think of killing myself? What disappointment with those I trust most?

It is the feelings that I have now that has made people continue on with their lives for centuries. 
Despite how cheesy and clichéd it is (and aren't all things that are true clichéd and cheesy?) love is what makes it worthwhile. 

I hope everyone can find someone that makes them feel this way. There is also the deep love from my friends that I value so much. Despite being very outgoing, I am an introvert and have difficulties making new friends. The ones I do have mean the world to me. Yes, three of them let me down last week. But there was one who made all the difference.

And now I have a person who makes me smile deliriously. I still think this is too good to be true. Did life just seriously hand me a chocolate cake? I may be young but I've always thought of love to be like the ending of Drive.